USA Cares


Military Assistance Response Program

This program assists veterans, service members, and their families facing temporary financial hardships as a result of a military service-related incident or medical hardship. Applications are diligently verified and funds are distributed on a case-by-case basis with no requirement for repayment.

Career Transition Program

This program provides individuals with tools and resources to better prepare them for the hiring process and refers qualified candidates to corporate organizations with open positions of employment specific to their skill set. Additionally, this program may also pay an individual’s essential expenses while they train for a new job or career.


USA Cares and Fort Knox Career Skills Corporate fellowship program is an initiative designed to assist service members to successfully transition to civilian careers by providing them with the necessary skills development training, resources, and support. Through this program, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in a fellowship at a local organization within the Kentuckiana region which builds meaningful careers and contribute to their communities after leaving military service.

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Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (“HVRP”)

This U.S. Department of Labor grant program is employment focused. As an HVRP grantee, USA Cares provides job training, case management, and placement services to connect homeless veterans with local employers in 65 Kentucky counties. The goal is for the veteran to achieve meaningful employment. To address the complex problems facing homeless veterans, USA Cares also works with public and private partners at all levels (federal, state and local) to provide supportive services and access to housing.

Financial Education & Empowerment Course

As a part of the financial assistance application process, USA Cares requires clients to complete this online course. Emphasizing practical strategies for budgeting, saving, and managing debt, the program arms military families with the tools they need to be prepared when the unexpected happens.

Certified Military Housing Specialist Course

USA Cares offers a nationally certified course designed to provide loan officers, realtors, and housing professionals with a clear understanding of how to work with military borrowers, whether they’re using a VA loan or other type of financing. This course helps housing professionals make sense of the military language, rank, and pay system, delivering the tools and knowledge necessary to provide prompt and competitive service to military borrowers in a timely and competitive manner, especially in a fast-paced market. It also includes advice regarding foreclosure prevention, with tips that loan officers and realtors can give their clients to help them avoid mortgage delinquencies in the future.

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Additional Resources

In addition to these resources, check with your local Department of Social Services for programs that you may be eligible for based on family size and income.

Veterans seeking a comprehensive database of validated organizations that offer support to veterans, their families, as well as caregivers can rely on the National Resource Directory. This directory serves as a reliable resource, offering a wide range of verified organizations dedicated to meeting the unique needs of veterans, their families, and caregivers. By accessing the National Resource Directory, veterans can easily locate and connect with a variety of established organizations that specialize in providing the necessary support and assistance required during and after military service.