In 1971, First Lieutenant William Roby Sr., U.S. Army, returned to the United States with survivor guilt after serving in Vietnam.  He had been commissioned alongside another young second lieutenant who was killed two weeks into his tour of duty.  Bill overcame his survivor guilt in 1991 during a Vietnam memorial service on Memorial Day.  His newfound patriotism grew into a passion for those serving today not to suffer any of the pains he had endured as a result of his service.

After returning from Vietnam, Bill started in the insurance business.  In 1984, he and two other partners purchased the LANGAN insurance agency, which was sold sixteen years later to BB&T Insurance Services.  He has recently retired as Vice President and Agency Manager for BB&T Insurance in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bill has served on the boards of numerous charitable organizations.  He was picked by his church to lead its capital fundraising campaign which eventually raised $2.2 million to renovate the church.  In addition, he has coached numerous teams during a fourteen year span for a local youth Optimist league. Since 2008, Bill has been a USA Cares board member; he was elected Chairman in October 2012.

Married to his high school sweetheart for forty-four years, Bill and his wife, Mary Jane, have four children and eight grandchildren, all of whom live in Louisville.


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