USA Cares

Jennifer McCloud

Jennifer’s biggest call to duty was becoming a mother in 2005. So, she didn’t think twice when the role required her to take a leave of absence from her job as a procurement analyst to care for her child in October.

“My daughter has been dealing with mental illness,” Jennifer said. “I recently had her admitted to an in-patient hospital after she tried hurting herself. When she was discharged, I was advised by the doctor that she had to be under continuous supervision.”

Jennifer’s daughter’s treatment also requires daily therapy and an altered school schedule. As a single mother, Jennifer was forced to apply for unpaid family and medical leave. After the first month, she had used all her vacation and sick time.

Before long, Jennifer found herself behind on her home and auto payments.Knowing she was a military veteran that served in both the Army and National Guard, Jennifer’s employer found USA Cares and reached out for assistance.

“Even though all of my bills couldn’t be covered, the most important ones were,” Jennifer said. “It meant the world to me.”

Jennifer will return to work this month and said her daughter is doing better. With challenges still ahead, she remains hopeful.

“If it wasn’t for USA Cares, I don’t know what I would have done,”Jennifer said. “I probably would have been really far behind. I’m very grateful.”