USA Cares

Family Resource Specialist – USA CARES

Job Description: 

The Family Resource Specialist is responsible for case management of clients requesting assistance. Evaluations/progress reports will be given monthly to identify any training needs. The role of the Family Resource Specialist is to enhance the quality of life for the client & family requesting assistance, maximize satisfaction and promote cost effectiveness. This role will be accountable for the intake of client and matching needs to funding sources to meet the client’s needs. This is NOT a remote position.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Respond to clients in a timely manner, provide excellent customer service.
  • Coordinate & provide assistance that is timely, effective, efficient, equitable & client centered.
  • Handle case assignments and review case progress.
  • Facilitate multiple aspects of assistance (coordination & information sharing).
  • Research cases to ensure proper distribution of funds.
  • Take the extra mile and interact with clients to keep track of their progress and to ensure satisfaction.
  • Summarize cases to forward to committee.
  • Provided pertinent documentation of cases & fill out case payment requests.
  • Ensure cases meet the guidelines of grants and USA Cares policies.
  • Ensure the privacy and dignity of the service member and their family is maintained.
  • Remain flexible to the needs of the families and be able to professionally voice concerns with processes that may  affect productivity.
  • Update and track opportunities to work with other organizations to supplement grants for service members.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Microsoft Office Programs
  • Data entry
  • Typing
  • Military Preferred

Education & Experience:

  • High School Diploma.
  • Excellent oral and written skills required.

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