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USA Cares Senior Leaders Corporate Fellowship Program

The USA Cares Senior Leaders Corporate Fellowship Program (SLCFP) provides transitioning service members with the opportunity to receive skills development training and engage in fellowship in a structured environment. Based in Louisville, Kentucky,  the SLCFP functions under the USA Cares Career Transition Program, Fort Knox’s Army Career Skills Program (ACES), and Fort Knox’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP). 

This program is just one part of USA Care’s mission of helping post-9/11 veterans and their families adjust to civilian life, and especially the civilian workforce.

Program Details

The USA Cares Senior Leaders Corporate Fellowship Program invites qualified veterans to participate in the four-day-a-week, two-month program. Participants spend most of the time developing job-related skills at a designated employer. In addition, they share camaraderie with fellow participants, learn from business leaders, and gain experience in a civilian work environment.

As part of the eight-week SLCFP program, participants will attend seminars or classroom workshops every Friday from 0900 to 1500. The workshop/ seminar schedule includes:

  • Week One: Industry Research/Resumes
  • Week Two: Social Media and Recruiting
  • Week Three: Cover letters and Portfolios
  • Week Four: Interview Methods
  • Week Five: Salary and Benefits Expectations
  • Week Six: Networking and Communication
  • Week Seven: Nonprofit Organizations/Franchises
  • Week Eight: Capstone Project/Mock Interview

In between the SFCFP program activities, participants get to fellowship at their discretion or on their designated employers’ timetable.

How Do I Qualify?

To be eligible to apply for the program, you must present proof of completion of mandatory TAP workshops, a general resume, and a cover letter stating why you are a suitable candidate for SLCFP. You must also reside in the local area upon completion and be at least a rank of Sergeant First Class (SFC) or Captain (CPT) with a signed Army Career Skills Program (CSP) soldier participation memorandum.

What Companies Are Participating?

Participating employers for the SFCFP program include General Electric Appliances (GE), DOW, UPS, Trilogy, Renewal by Anderson, EXCEL, Baptist Health and more. In addition, USA Cares utilizes its Career Transition Program to refer qualified candidates to these companies and other corporate organizations with job vacancies in various fields.

Since the SFCFP programs’ launch, 90 percent of the participating veterans have gained employment in the region from several host companies. This outcome is valuable to USA Cares because stable and rewarding employment is a significant factor in helping  post-9/11 veterans and military families gain financial stability and independence.

How to Register

You can choose between four quarterly sessions each year with application deadlines two months before the programs start. For additional information about the next available dates or the registration process, call Cathy Gentry at (502) 624-8246 or Paula Presley at (800) 773-0387 ext. 115, or email paula@usacares.org.

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