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The Best Places for Veterans to Search for Jobs

As their military career approaches its end, many veterans have one thought in their mind: what am I going to do for a career after I transition to civilian life? 

While some veterans decide to go to school first — or go back to school — others prefer looking for a job that allows them to use their years of military training and expertise as experience. No matter what route you choose, the job-hunt process can be nerve-wracking, confusing, and sometimes disheartening. Let’s take a look at some top online sites veterans can use to look for jobs.

1. USA Cares Job Board

One of the first platforms that you need to explore is the USA Cares’ job board. Here, you’ll find a variety of jobs advertised for veterans and military spouses in all states across the U.S. 

Each job posting clearly mentions the duties and responsibilities of the position as well as the skills, qualifications, experience, and education needed to apply for the role. The application form is straightforward; you only have to provide some basic information like your contact details and the role you’re applying for. Plus, you can upload your resume directly in the application form.


The veteran job search feature on can help you look for relevant roles by searching by keyword and location as well as by industry. It also allows you to upload your resume, which will be searchable by employers. The website even has a military skills translator that helps you understand what types of jobs you might be eligible for based on your military training and experience. 

3. is another popular platform that gives you access to verified, nationwide job postings directly from the companies. Over the past 18 years, they’ve placed more than 78,000 veterans and military spouses into industry-leading careers. Along with a job board, also offers job prep services, training sessions, and self-paced virtual courses to help veterans with their job hunts.

Find the Right Job with USA Cares

Veterans leaving the military service have an extensive range of skills, experience, and credentials that make them valuable members of the civilian workforce. As you can see, there are plenty of resources for veterans seeking a job. 

Ready to make your next move? Check out our current job postings and start applying today!

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