Our military families need help and YOU can make a difference in their lives.


The USA Cares Career Transition program aims to facilitate sustainable employment for post-9/11 veterans, particularly combat injured, Guard and Reserve.

  • USA Cares can provide financial support to qualified veterans in order to overcome financial roadblocks to employment (e.g., fuel to get to the interview and tools needed for employment).
  • The screening process guarantees participating employers that a veteran referred through the Career Transition program is a veteran with an honorable discharge who has been engaged by our staff for the best possible guidance with respect to his or her job search.
  • USA Cares' Career Transition program is funded by private donations. Veterans who qualify for disability benefits through the VR&E program and those with GI Bill eligibility enjoy the flexibility that their benefits afford. Other post-9/11 veterans may qualify for assistance directly related to obtaining employment.

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