Assisting Military Families In Crisis

"I just want to thank you for your service from all veterans everywhere and i pass your information on to my fellow vets that are in similar situations. Your organization is top shelf and i couldn’t be happier with the help you guys have provided! Have a great week!" –V    THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE DONE AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL.    Thank you so much we appreciate it and thank you guy for all the help you have given my family.    Thank you so much...If I was close to I would give a BIG hug. I'm so grateful that you took the time to help me and my three boys. Because of people like yourself it gives hope. I'm a good mother and person right now I'm having a hard time due to cut backs, medical issue and furlough. No excuses are made on my part. It's hard at time suffering from PTSD but I'm getting better each day, the medicine and group therapy help a lot.    “Thank you very much. I will get these forms filled out and back to you as soon as I can. Thank you again for all that you have done for me and my family. No matter what comes of this, you have been a blessing to us all." - RCT    “Thank you USA Cares for helping my family keep food on our table while I have been unable to support them. You have made it much easier for me to be away from them without the worry of them suffering. Thank you again. The Monie Family”    “Dear [case worker], We have no words but we pray hearing “thank you” from our hearts and spirits will express our gratitude for your assistance during a very difficult and challenging time, that has never been for us! USA Cares says it all, they Care.. No other agencies would assist. We thank God for you and my wife says she is glad she didn’t give up... God bless you and Keep you. In service, [service member & family]”     Thank you SO much to you and your organization for your care and help! It has been a huge help to our family in this time of need. We are so thankful for your organization and the kind people who have donated.

Why We Are Different

Fast Response: We respond within 48 hours.

Screening of Applicants: USA Cares carefully screens each applicant. Our staff works directly with service providers (utility, mortgage company, etc.) to confirm the need.

Leveraging Other Assistance: USA Cares mobilizes other organizations to join in providing assistance thus maximizing the impact of every donation.

Your Donations

USA Cares depends on direct financial support to pay for the many services provided our military families. Your generous donations will make a real and life-changing difference in their lives, specifically:

  • $5,000 provides for household bills while a Guard or Reserve member
    attends PTSD in-patient treatment
  • $3,000 saves a military family home from foreclosure
  • $2,000 relocates a Jobs Assistance family with a new career
  • $1,000 stops rental eviction
  • $500 restores utilities in a military family home
  • $300 provides a week’s worth of food to a family of four

USA Cares - functional allocation

Assistance By State - August 2014

USA Cares is a national 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization based in Kentucky, founded in 2003 and registered with the IRS.