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Planned Giving

USA Cares recognizes and honors friends who have included USA Cares in their estate plans. USA Cares’ Planned Giving Program provides a variety of ways to make a planned gift that does not deplete lifetime assets and, in some cases, can furnish additional income and significant tax deductions.

Below is a list of options you may wish to consider when making a gift to USA Cares:


A gift provided in your will, which may be a percentage of your estate, the residual of the estate, a certain item or a specific dollar amount. Estate taxes may be reduced by a bequest to USA Cares.

Charitable Remainder Trust

This trust provides either a fixed or variable income for you or your family. Part of the trust qualifies for an income tax deduction and at the death of the last beneficiary, the assets of the trust are distributed to USA Cares.

Charitable Lead Trust

This trust allows you to pass on assets to family members with significant estate and gift tax savings, while allowing USA Cares to benefit from the income for the duration of the trust.

Gifts of Real Estate

A gift of real estate to USA Cares provides considerable tax benefits. You also have the option of retaining the right to occupy the property for life or even to receive the income it generates.

Gifts of Life Insurance or Pension Benefits

A gift of life insurance allows you to contribute a previously acquired policy that may no longer be needed for its initial purpose and realize tax benefits. USA Cares may also be named as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, company pension or profit-sharing plan, or of a private fund such as an IRA, Keogh or tax-sheltered annuity.



We appreciate your interest in supporting USA Cares. Your attorney or financial planner can provide additional information on how these ways of giving apply to your specific situation.

If you are interested in learning more about these gift opportunities or if you have already designated USA Cares as a beneficiary, please contact our Development Department so that we can recognize your generosity.


USA Cares currently holds both a 3-Star rating from Charity Navigator and a Platinum rating from GuideStar. Additionally, USA Cares holds a "Best in America" Seal of Excellence certified by Independent Charities of America.


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