Val N. Nicholas

Val Nicholas started at NBC affiliate KCRA-TV in Sacramento California while a junior in college. During that local station stint, Val produced everything from news shows, talk shows, syndicated programming, specials, sports programming and in management, ran the marketing division and the special projects there. Moved to NBC Entertainment in Burbank and ran four different departments within the NBC Agency. Worked at ABC Entertainment as VP of Special Projects then on to MSNBC cable as VP of Marketing and also produced pilot programs. Currently serves as Vice President/Creative Director at NBC News and is tasked with coming up with new businesses in which to expand the NBC News Brand.

He also teaches Maximum Creative classes at GE Crotonville’s Leadership School where it is currently the most popular class on campus. Also teaches the course at many divisions around NBC Universal, the NY Film Academy and at GE divisions around the globe including Canada, Dubai, Lebanon, Cardiff, England and soon South Africa.

Nicholas has won seven Emmy Awards out of 24 nominations over his career along with almost every other creative award in television. Nicholas served in the 11th Armored Cavalry on border patrol in the Fulda Gap. Nicholas hails from family with a deep military tradition, His grandfather served in WWII in Europe. His father fought in the Korean War. His uncle did multiple tours in Vietnam. Nicholas is the Service Officer of American Legion Post #1 in Leonia, New Jersey. Nicholas also serves as the national co-leader of the NBC Universal Veterans Network as well as a consultant to the GE Veterans Network and Comcast Veterans Network. In addition Nicholas was one of the creators of the Got Your Six national Hollywood Veterans/Military Family effort launched in May 2012.


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