Tanisha House

Tanisha House, a native of a small coal mining town just south of Pittsburgh, joined the Pennsylvania Army National Guard in 1997 and became a Private First Class while still attending High School. After two years of service, Tanisha was offered the chance of a lifetime when she was approached to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer, and received an honorable discharge from the Army.

Throughout her pursuit of stardom, Tanisha has had the honor of meeting and performing for a variety of well-known musicians and public figures, including former President Jimmy Carter. In 2003, Tanisha traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to work closely with President Carter in an effort to help build homes for Habitat for Humanity, an event for which she also produced and co-wrote the theme song, “Home.”

As the years went on, Tanisha's love of music never diminished, but her desire to have a family grew. In 2007, Tanisha met her husband, Darren, and together they now share 5 children and reside in Louisville, Kentucky, where she currently holds the title of Mrs. Jefferson County. Tanisha is also a tenured employee of Citizens Union Bank, managing two of the institution's Jefferson County locations.

Throughout Tanisha's life, helping others has always been her passion. By volunteering at Cedar Lake Foundation, Home of the Innocents and The Good Samaritan has given Tanisha an opportunity to foster her humanitarian efforts and fulfill her desire to make a difference in the world. In 2016, Tanisha’s love of service and singing collided once more when she was asked to sing at the annual USA Cares Gala. Encouraged by all that USA Cares stands for and motivated by the purpose behind their mission, Tanisha became an ambassador for USA Cares in 2017.

Tanisha House's mantra is "God is Love," because she truly believes that the heart of change begins with treating others the way you desire to be treated, and while all humanity is "different" in the aspects of race, beliefs and genders, we are all created with the same thought in mind: LOVE.

 "…whatever you have done for the least if these, you have done for me." –Matthew 25:35-40


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