Emily D. Chambers

While attending college at the University of Kentucky, Lexington native Emily Duncan, met and quickly fell in love with a handsome Marine, Cpl Nicholas James Dieruf. After a "fairy tale" long distance courtship, the two married in January 2004.  Sadly, on April 8, 2004, 22 year old Emily became a widow of war, just 3 months after her marriage to Nich.  Following the loss of Nich, the Duncan and Dieruf families decided to establish the Cpl Nicholas Dieruf Memorial Fund in his honor, joining forces with USA Cares shortly thereafter. Today, the Cpl Nich Dieruf Memorial Fund is the proud endowment of USA Cares, and Emily remains active within the organization, now serving as an official Ambassador.  Emily is now happily married to Navy Veteran Dwayn Chambers and is the proud mother of three beautiful children: twin daughters Harper and Ellie, and son Nathan James.  Emily currently works at the University of Kentucky and leads USA Cares' Lexington based Bluegrass Chapter.


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